Site Context


Place Lab, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering communities to create and sustain great public space, is proposing to create a public pedestrian-oriented plaza on Oak Street between Van Ness Avenue and Franklin Street that will serve as a "front porch" to San Francisco's Civic Center cultural arts district and Hayes Valley neighborhood. Our goal is to create a public gathering place for nearby residents, workers and cultural institutions that maintains and enhances the area's strong neighborhood identity.

The concentration of performing arts and educational institutions in the immediate vicinity presents an incredible opportunity to create a valuable shared public resource focused on the area's cultural richness. From the outset of this project, Place Lab has sought input from these institutions, including the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, the New Conservatory Theatre Center, SF Jazz, SF Opera, SF Symphony, SF Ballet, the French American International School, the Chinese American International School and many more, to help inform the design and future programming of Oak Plaza.

As of August 2017, Place Lab has conducted 90 community engagement meetings, 39 of which were with cultural stakeholders, and has received feedback from over 160 individual community members. Learn more about our community engagement to date.

We welcome your thoughts and ideas too - please contact us!

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